Designer and Creative in Seattle, WA

NXG Strategies

NXG Strategies

Skills: Branding, Brand Strategy, Logo Design, Illustration, Naming, Web Design, Marketing Collateral Design


NXG Strategies is an identity theft and data breach protection company based in Franklin, TN that had found success for over a decade.

NXG Strategies wanted to grow into the next decade and beyond so they needed a brand that reflected the same strength, innovation, and security that they offered in its products and services. I chose a modern direction with the ‘NXG' in a bolded font weight and in NXG brand blue, followed with a simple pipe connecting 'strategies' in a thinner black font weight. This design allowed for the logo to be easily converted to a stacked lockup for use in square formats such as social media.

In addition to a brand refresh, NXG Strategies desperately needed a cleaner brand system that included product logos as well. With this cleaner logo lockup, NXG Strategies products could now easily stand out from competitors with recognizable product suite branding.

NXG wall sign.jpg

After developing the brand system, I applied the rebrand to all of their marketing assets. I created stationary, white papers, digital pieces, and additional collateral using the brand standards we set.

As part of their strategy, I also created four distinct and unique suites of marketing collateral templates, showcased in the NXG marketing collateral catalog, designed to be used by NXG Strategies’ partners to promote their products and services to their clients and members.

NXG_white paper.jpg
Shannon was an important addition to our Marketing Team at NXG Strategies. Not only is she a top-notch graphic designer, but she brings tremendous creativity and quick turn around time to the table in all that she does. She collaborates effectively in the design of work product and is effective both as an individual contributor and team member. Shannon has much to offer any organization and is an asset to the team! I would love the opportunity to work with her again, down the road.
— Vickie Storm, NXG Strategies President